El Diario De Sonora, a Nogales-based newspaper, carried an interesting account today of the funeral Sunday of Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez, the 16-year-old killed Wednesday night by a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

Here's our story from Friday on the incident, in which the Border Patrol says the boy was part of a group of rock throwers. And here's my abbreviated translation of the El Diario story, by correspondent Sergio Garcia:

About 200 attendees — friends from the Barrio La Capilla, family members and others — carried the casket along the border fence and shouted angry protests. U.S. agents monitored the scene from the north side of the fence.

One of the boys carrying the casket threw a middle finger at the US agents. A woman pounded the border fence and shouted angry slurs at the agents on the other side, reflecting the crowd's mood.

Some members of the group discussed laying the casket in the middle of the southbound lanes to block traffic just south of the downtown port of entry, but they decided against it.

The mournful procession reach the exact spot where the "Migras" killed Jose Antonio and repeated their shouts for justice, mixed with prayers and religious songs.