A new poll shows how Mexicans would vote if they could participate in the U.S. election. In this photo, Mexican voters in Hermosillo, Sonora vote in the 1997 election.

Arizona Daily Star, 1997

Good thing for Mitt Romney he isn't running in Mexico.

Despite Romney's family history south of the border, people in Mexico would vote heavily for Barack Obama if they had a chance, a new poll there says. (Poll results in Spanish are attached.)

In the poll by Gabinete de Comunicación Estratégica, 61 percent of 800 respondents said they would vote for Obama if they had the chance, while 13 percent said they would choose Romney. 

Name identification among the 800 people polled could have something to do with the choices. While 83 percent knew Barack Obama's name, only 35 percent knew Romney's.

The respondents showed relatively strong connections to the United States. About 55 percent had a family member or close friend who had gone to the United States for better economic opportunities. And when asked if the American elections are important to Mexico, 82 percent said yes.

However, the Mexicans polled were not attracted to one feature of American elections that's forbidden in Mexico: Re-election. After the decades-long reign of Mexican President Porfirio Diaz, one of the Mexican revolution's key reforms was a ban on re-election.

Those polled still think it's a good thing: Only 35 percent said they would support allowing the president of Mexico to seek re-election, while 59 percent said they would oppose it.