Juan Pablo Proal of Proceso magazine noted an interesting paradox in a story published Friday: Separate analyses say Mexico is both especially violent and especially happy.

Mexico ranks low, as you might expect, in a recent index by the Institute of Economics and Peace on the peacefulness of world countries. Mexico placed 135th out of 158, between Ivory Coast and Lebanon. 

A separate study that puts a heavy emphasis on environmental sustainability, by the New Economics Foundation, ranks Mexico as the 22nd happiest country, out of 151 measured. 

Proal writes: "Both indicators give a picture of the contradictory environment the country lives in, where on the same day there can appear bodies dehumanized by the drug cartels and thousands celebrate in the streets after our victory in olympic soccer." 

It's the same contradiction I've experienced recently in Mexico and tried to capture in different stories, most recently this one from Puerto Peñasco. My colleague Gabriela Rico put the contradiction in an economic context in this recent story.