Republican candidate for Pima County sheriff Mark Napier says he is "uncomfortable" with the idea of forming an armed, volunteer anti-smuggling posse, as Pinal Sheriff Paul Babeu has done

But he wouldn't rule out such ideas and said he admires some of Babeu's performance as sheriff.

Asked today to comment on Babeu's formation of a so-called Anti-Smuggling Posse, eight-term Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik declined. 

Napier said Thursday: "I’m kind of uncomfortable with that because of the ability of law enforcement to exercise active control over armed volunteers."

"My mind is not completely closed to it, but I'm significantly concerned about it," Napier said. "I would want a lot of ifs answered."

For example, Napier asked, how do you ensure that people with "secondary agendas" don't join the posse? How do you ensure they are trained adequately? Would the county be liable for the posse members' actions?

Asked about Babeu's performance in general, Napier said " I appreciate the fact that he presents himself as an educated, articulate person."

As to Babeu's penchant for publicity, Napier said, "Sheriff Arpaio’s done that, Sheriff Babeu’s done that in a more appropriate, professional way."