You may recall the snafu last month in Nogales, Sonora, in which city workers painted over a locally famous mural on a downtown wall, thinking it graffiti.

Well, the mural is back.

Members of Taller Yonke, a local artists group dedicated especially to public art, finished repainting the mural on Tuesday. From the photo founder it looks just like the original.

You can see it three blocks south of the border by walking down the main street downtown, Avenida Obregón, and turning right at Calle Pierson.

A cofounder of the Taller, Alberto Morackis, painted the mural, known widely as "La Serpiente," in 1996. Morackis died in 2008 at age 48.

The mural, formally titled "México Opuesto" (Mexico in Opposition), intended to show the snake in the claws of an eagle featured in Mexico's national symbol. But the snake is seen from below, said Guadalupe Serrano Quiñonez, who co-founded Taller Yonke with Morackis.

It raised protests from the artists and Nogales, Sonora residents when city workers engaged in a graffiti-abatement campaign painted over the mural.

Serrano Quiñonez and others repainted the mural in the following weeks.