We may be learning why San Diego federal judge Larry Burns was given the Jared Loughner case. The guy's got confidence, he moves fast, and  doesn't take any ... guff.

Witness Thursday's order, in which he denied a request by Loughner's attorney to be informed before Loughner is given anti-psychotic drugs. In legalese, Burns slapped the defense down:

The Court has received a one-sentence motion filed on behalf of the defendant requesting that reasonable notice be given to his counsel before the FMC Springfield staff administers anti-psychotic medication to him. The motion is DENIED WITHOUT PREJUDICE.

The Court is confident that the trained medical staff at the Federal Medical Facility are aware the defendant may not be forcibly medicated absent a suitability determination and authorization from this Court ... If defense counsel is asserting a right to contest any unforced treatment regimen selected by the FMC medical staff — which, only if extant, implies a requirement that the FMC staff provide counsel with advance notice of the defendant’s voluntary decision to take anti-psychotic medication — counsel must file a supplemental motion, more than one sentence long, outlining the legal theory and caselaw supporting such a right.


The defense request and judge's order are attached.