When we reported a week ago that Jared Loughner had been seen by behavioral-health professionals in 2006, we didn't say where. That's because we didn't know whether he was seen at Northwest Hospital, where he'd been taken after showing up drunk at school, or if it was elsewhere.

Sonora Behavioral Health Hospital has clarified that "Loughner was never treated at, or admitted to, Sonora Behavioral Health Hospital in 2006 or at any time since then."

They made this announcement in a press release last week, but it was placed on the desk of a reporter who was in Florida for the (scrubbed) shuttle launch. So I'm just getting to it now.

In addition, Sonora says in the release (attached) that it has handed over records to Dr. Christina Pietz, one of the court-appointed  examiners looking into the issue of Loughner's legal competency.

Loughner is scheduled to appear in federal court May 25 for a hearing on his competency to assist his counsel and to understand the charges against him.