While spring colors and pastels are often associated with the season, white, which symbolizes purity and grace, is the color of Easter.

The old church baptized only at Easter. The newly baptized wore white to symbolize purity and their new life, Hester E. Oberman, who teaches psychology of religion at the UA, told the Star in 2012.

Some other colors used during Eastertide include: 

Purple: Purple and its cousin violet represent penance, sacrifice and preparation during Lent.

Red: Associated with the blood that Jesus shed, it is the color often used on Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter when Jesus entered Jerusalem).

Black:  This color is used on Good Friday, commemorating Jesus' crucifixion and death. It is the church's deepest day of mourning.

Yellow: This bright, cheery color is supposed to bring joy and happiness.

Pink: Represents fresh beginnings.