"At Easter let your clothes be new

"Or else be sure you will it rue."

Poor Robin, 18th-century English almanac maker


For many growing up Easter meant new clothes — a frilly frock for girls, a stiff, starchy shirt for boys, a new dress for mom and a suit for dad. (Often a new hat, too. But we'll get to that later.)

New clothes at Easter, is a tradition that reaches back through the centuries. 

The old church baptized only at Easter and the newly baptized wore white to symbolize purity and their new life, Hester E. Oberman, who teaches psychology of religion at the UA, told the Star in 2012. 

The newly baptized would wear white clothing throughout Easter Week and the already baptized wore new clothes to share in the spirit of fresh beginnings and/or their Christian commitment. 

Another view of the tradition of wearing new clothes for Easter extends from a superstition: Wearing a new garment at Easter means good luck throughout the year.