Easter processions and parades are intrinsic to the holiday's origin.

  • Jesus was greeted by a parade and palm branches when he entered Jerusalem on what would become Palm Sunday, the week before Easter.
  • Jesus carrying a cross to the crucifixion site, Calvary, was a procession.
  • The Easter-parade tradition began when early Christians wore their white robes when they left church and took to the streets in celebration. In medieval Europe, worshippers followed a crucifix down the road after worship.
  • The parade mentioned in Irving Berlin's song "Easter Parade" refers to the one in New York City, which began in the mid-19th century when folks left Easter services and strolled down Fifth Avenue, says History.com

Primary source: "April 1 is a religious holiday — gotcha, April Fools" by Peggy Fletcher Stack, The Salt Lake Tribune