If you're planning to give or attend an Easter party, it's time to start practicing "The Bunny Hop."

The conga line-like dance originated in the Balboa High School of San Francisco in 1952. Bandleader Ray Anthony saw the dance done by the students and wrote and recorded "The Bunny Hop" song in 1953, which became the biggest hit in a 50-year career. The B side of the single was "The Hokey Pokey."

OK, hands and feet ready. Here's how to "Bunny Hop" from Buzzle

  • Stand in a line on the party floor.
  • Put both his hands on the hip of the person standing in front of you and expect the person behind you to do the same.
  • As the song begins kick the right foot out to the side and then tap the heel of the right foot on the ground.
  • On the next beat kick the right foot out to the side again as in the previous step. However, raise the foot a little higher this time. Again as in the previous step the foot should be brought back with a firm tap of the heel on the ground.
  • This step should be repeated with the left foot. Take the left foot out to the side and tap the ground with the heel. Repeat the step with the foot going higher to the side this time.
  • On the next beat the dancers should hop forward with both feet together.
  • This should be followed by a hop backwards the same way.
  • Hop twice back again at the next two beats. With this the verse ends.
  • Repeat these steps throughout the song and hop around like a bunny throughout the entire floor.

Happy hopping!  

Source: Buzzle