Flowers like tulips and daffodils bring their symbolism of new life and new beginnings to spring and the Easter season. However, the snowy white lily epitomizes Easter. White lilies symbolizes purity and holiness, and carry the messages of joy, hope and new life.

A few fun facts about the delicate flower:

  • Easter lilies, also known as Bermuda lilies, have been grown in Bermuda since 19th century, according to
  • Louis Houghton, a World War I soldier, is credited with starting the Easter lily trend. He took hybrid lily bulbs to Oregon in 1919 and distributed them. 
  • Native to the Ryukyu Islands of southern Japan, the United States cultivation of the flowers took off after World War II and Japan never regained its foothold on the white lily market.
  • Because of the flower's delicate form and snow white color and its connection to Easter, some Christians call the lilies the “flowers of God."

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