The news site has published an article claiming that conservatives, especially those aligned with the tea party, are turning their back on Gov. Jan Brewer. In fact, the headline reads: "The Tea Party hates Jan Brewer now.”

Brewer's "conservative edifice has come crashing down since she announced in her State of the State address this year, to the shock of everyone, that Arizona would accept Obamacare and expand its Medicaid coverage whether her Republican allies in the state liked it or not.”

It goes on to say some conservatives call her a Judas and refer to healthcare expansion in Arizona as "Obrewercare." It also quotes former state lawmaker Frank Antenori saying, "She’s a big spending, big government, tax-raising Republican. She is George Bush in a skirt. She loves to spend money."

Read the article here.

Senior Editor, News, Arizona Daily Star, Tucson, Az.