The TUSD Governing Board was forced to cancel its meeting Tuesday night after ethnic studies supporters stormed the meeting room and chained themselves to chairs.

Here's what other news organizations and blogs are saying:

Has Wisconsin finally come to Arizona? ... Over the past two years, the Ethnic Studies Program in Tucson has been subjected to a controversial and costly witch hunt by Attorney General Tom Horne.

How often have you seen students protest and commit acts of civil disobedience because they want to study something?

While their peers in the rest of the country may be looking to cut class, Tucson's students are battling to maintain ethnic studies in the Tucson Unified School District.

Perhaps its time to set off another firestorm, a necessary one this time. This effort has now devolved into an attempt by an APARTHEID school governing board in Tucson, Arizona to eliminate Mexican American Studies via a thousand bureaucratic cuts. The use of the term Apartheid is not used lightly; it is what we are up against in this historic Indigenous city (Chuk-son) in our battle to defend Ethnic Studies.

Ethnic Studies classes are meant to help students with core class credit, increase student interest in education and give us a chance to learn about not only our own culture, but others as well. Turning our Ethnic Studies classes into elective courses is a slow death sentence to the department for several reasons.