A few weeks ago, we asked Star readers to predict the weight of Reid Park Zoo's African elephant Semba's newborn calf. 

With more than a hundred entires in our online form, we were amazed at how little (lowest guess: 115 pounds) or big (largest guess: 15,100 pounds) you thought the newest addition of the Reid Park Zoo was going to be. 

But now the time has come to announce the winner as Semba gave birth to a healthy female calf on Thursday around 10 p.m. 

The reader who guessed the the correct weight of 245 pounds on the nose, or trunk, is Brittney Davis. 

Brittney's advice to the mom is to, "Love each other with all your mite!" 

Top ten honorable mentions go to the following:



Parenting advice for Semba 

 Rebecca Lawson

246 pounds  

Try to stay cool in the Tucson sun!

 Patricia Egbert

 247 pounds

 Try not to step on the baby.

Debra Kayser

243 pound


Joan Stauch

 243 pounds


 Kai Dawson-Busch 

 243 pounds


Wendy Ravenel

 242 pounds

 Please have a girl!

Carlene Hugues

 248 pounds

 Love them all you can. They grow up way too fast.

Darlene Everett

 248 pounds 


Kathy Wharff


 Be nurturing, kind and patient 

Kelly Hall


 Love your baby as much as you can.

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