University Primetime, an online college-related blog, revealed its choices for the "Top 50 Schools With The Most Attractive College Females" Tuesday.

It may come as no surprise to the University of Arizona student population that they're a good-looking bunch. But now, as if the students didn't already know before, they can rest assured that they're surrounded by the most attractive female students in the country — at least according to University Primetime they are. The site ranked the UA as the No. 1 school with the best-looking women.

We at the Star don't know much about the college blog, but the folks who run it certainly seem to know a lot about the UA.

Before it ranked the Wildcat women as the most attractive, the blog broke down the "Top 50 Schools With The Most Attractive College Males." It ranked UA males as the 26th-most attractive.

It also recently announced the "Top 25 Colleges With The Most School Spirit."

Although it's disputable, the UA was ranked No. 7. Maybe the list-makers at University Primetime just haven't ever experienced the Zona Zoo.

It's almost certain that there's zero science or fact behind these rankings, but either way — the UA seems to be gaining lots of attention these days.