Arizona lost a significant dose of scoring and swagger Monday evening when junior-to-be guard MoMo Jones announced he is leaving the Wildcats.

Jones, the Wildcats' second-leading scorer last season, cited family reasons for his departure. He was expected to be part of a crowded but talented backcourt next season that included highly regarded incoming freshmen Josiah Turner and Nick Johnson.

Here's what other media outlets are saying about his decision:


An Arizona player was going to have to transfer sometime this offseason to alleviate the program's scholarship overload, but Wildcats fans probably didn't expect their leading returning scorer to be the one to leave.


MoMo Jones brought guts and heart, but was never a real fit at point guard at Point Guard U., and he seemed to understand that, too.


So, we’ve seen the last of MoMo Jones in an Arizona uniform.

To say I’m a bit shocked would go a bit far. A little surprised? Well, yes, in part because he had such a good second half of the season.

Heck, I’ve been told maybe two dozen times if a player never wanted to transfer from a place that would be a story. There’s an adjustment period. Apparently, Jones couldn’t find his.


Arizona will miss Jones’ fire and enthusiasm on the court. He was a key part of head coach Sean Miller’s first recruiting class at UA and has developed great chemistry with his teammates. Without Jones’ production, the Wildcats now must hope that players like Turner and Johnson come in and live up to the high expectations that are being set for them.


Some comments from StarNet readers:

gawalt: No'mo MoMo?!!! Say it a'int so!

4485: I remember being his age, leaving home, being very close to my grandma, it was a tough time. I went to war, she waited, I came home only to have to leave again. She told me we'd never see each other again, I said I'd be home soon. She was gone in some months as she knew then. Nothing changes time, but decisions then. Go home, take some time MoMo, there's always another day, sometimes. Follow your heart. Good luck young man - God Speed.

ZonaWildCats: Players are leaving the program now because they cant trust if Sean Miller will be at Arizona for their whole career. They don't want to roll the dice on the new coach and system. Also who wants to rebuild on their senior year?

Blunt But True: A young man with his priorities straight - We wish you the best MoMo.

swick01: Wow ... gutsy call by MoMo ... to leave a program which was on the verge of something huge next season. Thank you for the great 2 yrs and memories (Cal game especially).