Jose Guerena was shot and killed by Pima County SWAT officers who were serving a search warrant. At first it was reported that Guerena fired on the officers and he was killed when they returned fire. It was later revealed that the safety was still on on his weapon and he had not fired.

Here is what other media outlets are saying about the incident:


It later emerged that Guerena had never fired his rifle; the weapon's safety was still on when he was gunned down. After admitting he had not fired, police claimed Guerena threatened the officers, snarling that he "had something" for them. Apparently, we are to believe that Guerena uses dialogue from some cheap cop film.

Some comments on the Huffington Post article:

Yatahayaz: Another victim of our fascistic war on drugs. It has destroyed the rule of law in America. You are now considered guilty until proven innocent, and the local police can claim your property for their own benefit.

Butlercaddie: There were multiple agencies present and involved, and the true sequence of events is not yet known. I think this is a tragedy, a case of mistaken identity, an abuse of police procedure and reflects very poorly on AZ LE. However, Pima County Sheriff is Clarence Dupnick, and I expect he will do the right thing. If it was Joe Arpaio, I'd have been surprised if they even knocked first.


Guerera had just gone to bed after working a 12-hour shift at a local mine when his home was invaded as part of a multi-house crackdown by sheriff's deputies. Like enemy of the state Osama bin Laden, Guerena died with his wife close by.


Unfortunately, this is liberal loudmouth Clarence Dupnik's turf. Had this happened in Phoenix, on conservative Sheriff Joe Arpaio's watch, the place would be crawling with investigators, journalists, Eric Holder himself, you name it — all digging with sharp little claws to find out what went wrong that morning.

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FitnezzJim: This sounds like one where someone besides the Sheriff Department should go investigate. They are just too close to this to not have a vested interest in getting to the truth. Perhaps your State Police or NCIS will investigate. I'd think DEA would have an interest also, given that it was about drug conspiracy and sounds an awful lot like a coverup of some sort.

Anthony: So, they refuse to treat the casualty they created. This is in violation of the Geneva convention and the laws of war. The police should be tried for war crimes. If they're going to fight a war against us then they should at least be held to the same standards as Soldiers and Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan.


No drugs were found in their home, and the family had no criminal record. Indeed, the only record Guerena had was his military record. He survived two tours in Iraq, but could not survive our War on Drugs.

A comment on this post:

Frankz00: We test athletes for steroid use but we don’t test police and SWAT teams for them. I would bet that this is a steroid induced incident. How ironic for a narcotics division. I’d bet the steroids they find are underreported. This angle needs to be investigated.


Today's article by the Star on the investigation, followed by some of the comments of StarNet readers:

The man shot and killed by Pima County SWAT officers was linked to a home-invasion crew, the attorney representing the officers said Thursday.

Attorney Michael Storie said authorities found rifles, handguns, body armor and a portion of a law-enforcement uniform inside the house where Jose Guerena was shot by officers serving a search warrant May 5.

Comment by MHB: The so called evidence found at the scene does not prove anything. The guy was a member of the military so DUH he was going to have guns and possible body armor. This does not prove he was a member of a home invasion ring. Now the Sheriff's Department is on a smear campaign to cover their own behind.

By Jean C.: FBI needs to be involved. Plain and simple. Regardless of who's telling the truth, it needs a theoretically impartial look from an agency with no vested interest in either party.

By bcohen2009: You've got to give the defense attorney an 'A' for effort and an 'A' for creativity. Not just anyone could come up with such an unlikely, blatantly false story and pass it off as the unfettered truth.