More than 500 pages of officers' statements, evidence lists and witness interviews were released Thursday by the Pima County Sheriff's Department regarding the shooting of Jose Guerena, who was killed when SWAT officers tried to serve a search warrant at his home on May 5. (Arizona Daily Star)

A short video showing Pima County Regional SWAT team members serving the warrant was also released. A sample of the resulting reports and commentary from around the world follows.

The SWAT team that gunned down an ex-Marine in his own home was targeting him as part of a drug and home-invasion probe, but no drugs were found in the home, documents released by the Pima County sheriff's office show. 

Forbes, E.D. Kain - American Times blog: Video of Pima County Jose Guerena SWAT Raid

Certainly it is difficult to put ourselves in that situation, but I for one know that in a state of exhaustion and waking, the mind can play all sorts of tricks. The haunting memory of the home invasion that resulted in the deaths of Vanessa Guerena’s relatives, the years of duty in Iraq, and then suddenly someone coming through the door.

The Pima County Sheriff's Department released a video Thursday that shows a SWAT team shooting into a suspect's house. He died after being shot 60 times.

Dramatic footage of a SWAT team gunning down a former Marine near Tucson, Ariz., has been released by authorities.

TUCSON - SWAT helmet video is providing insight into exactly what happened when a former Marine was shot 60 times while officers served a search warrant at his home.

TUCSON, Ariz. -- On the morning of May 5, a Pima County SWAT unit drove through Tucson to a house they believed was home to drug trafficker.

A U.S. Marine who was killed when he was gunned down in his home near Tucson, Arizona, never fired on the SWAT team that stormed his house firing 70 times in a hail of bullets, a report has revealed.