Ethnic studies supporters stormed chained themselves to chairs in the TUSD boardroom, forcing the Governing Board to cancel a meeting on Tuesday night. The protesters had a message. Did anyone take notice?

Let's see what others are saying about the protest, the school district and the Mexican American Studies courses in dispute.

The Arizona Republic:" target="_blank">Who's in charge at Tucson Unified?

Who, exactly, runs the Tucson Unified School District? For several years now, that has been an open question. And on Tuesday it became more of a mystery than ever before." target="_blank">Tucson Students Storm Meeting, Delay Vote on Ethnic Studies

Arizona’s attempt to dismantle Tucson’s ethnic studies program was dealt a blow Tuesday when students rose up and took over a school board meeting where a resolution to determine the fate of the program was up for discussion. The Tucson school board was set to consider a resolution by Tucson Unified School District board president Mark Stegemen that would have effectively dismantled the program.

The (London) Guardian:" target="_blank">Arizona's new civil rights coalition

The students wanted to be heard and so they chained themselves. The symbolism at the emergency meeting of the Tucson Unified School Board – held, in effect, to destroy the nation's premiere K-12 Mexican American Studies programme – could not have been more powerful. And yet it was more powerful. Leading the charge of the mostly Mexican American students from the high school group Unidos was an African American and Native American student." target="_blank">Public School Dist. Violates La Raza Studies Ban

A public school district in Arizona is violating a new state law by continuing a radical La Raza studies program banned under the legislation because it segregates students by race, teaches disdain for American sovereignty and ignites racial hostility." target="_blank">Angry 'Raza studies' mob shuts down Tucson school board meeting (w/video)

A mob of both students and adults angry over the impending vote by the Tucson school board to make Raza studies or Mexican-American studies an elective, rather than forcing children to take the race-based curriculum rushed into the meeting room, chaining themselves to chairs.

Arizona Daily Star:" target="_blank">Ethnic studies supporters overtake TUSD meeting

The TUSD Governing Board was forced to cancel its meeting Tuesday night after ethnic studies supporters stormed the meeting room and chained themselves to chairs.