Three Tucson eateries and a grocery store in Ajo failed Pima County health inspections in February. The Tucson businesses passed follow-up inspections. Here’s what you need to know:

Mexico City Kitchen

3131 N. Treat Ave.

  • History: Failed twice in 2011. Rated “good” in 2012 and 2013.
  • What the inspector saw: Five critical violations on Feb. 11. The most serious were employees not washing their hands with soap, and “cooked plantains on same cutting board that had raw blood and cooked meat juices.”
  • Follow-up: Passed two days later.
  • Response: The owner could not be reached for comment.
Saffron Indian Bistro

7607 N. Oracle Road

  • History: Excellent and good inspections for the past four years.
  • What the inspector saw: Six critical violations on Feb. 12. The kitchen “requires a detailed, thorough cleaning,” the inspector noted.
  • Follow-up: Passed Feb. 24.
  • Response: Owner
  • Saurabh Sareen
  • is trying to clear up some points with the Health Department. He said an inspector did not use the correct test when determining a sink lacked proper levels of sanitizer and used the wrong standard when determining chicken on the buffet wasn’t kept at the correct temperature. He said his staff follows the rules and has received food-safety training. The kitchen is cleaned regularly, he added.
U-Like Buffet

330 S. Wilmot Road

  • History: Excellent and good inspections for the past two years.
  • What the inspector saw: Seven critical violations on Feb. 4. The most serious were staff not washing their hands and foods kept at the wrong temperatures.
  • Follow-up: Passed Feb. 12.
  • Response: Manager
  • Eunice Yen
  • said the restaurant is under new ownership and the problems have been corrected.
Olsen’s Market Place IGA

1961 N. Ajo Gila Bend Highway, Ajo 

  • History: Excellent and good inspections for the past eight years.
  • What the inspector saw: Four critical violations on Feb. 26. The most serious were foods kept at the wrong temperatures and an employee who didn’t wash his or her hands after working with raw chicken. Meat and deli workers hadn’t been trained in food safety.
  • Follow-up: Failed re-inspection March 8.
  • Response: Owner
  • Don Olsen
  • said some errors were corrected immediately and “all of this has been remedied.” Three new workers at the deli have received food-safety training and more staff will get training in two weeks, he said.

Compiled by reporter Becky Pallack from Pima County Health Department records. Contact Pallack at or 573-4251. On Twitter @BeckyPallack.