Officials expect the jackpot to keep growing before today's drawing and will break Powerball's November 2012 record of $587.5 million.

Jackpot rose $200M since Wednesday

• The latest jackpot leapt more than $200 million since Wednesday's drawing, which was an estimated $360 million.

• The $600 million jackpot is the second largest in Powerball history and third biggest overall.

• The last major jackpot win came when a New Jersey man won a $338.3 million jackpot March 23. It is now considered the fourth largest Powerball jackpot in history.

• More than half of the all-time jackpot records have been reached in the last three years.

- The Associated Press

top two all-time lottery jackpots

$656 million

from a Mega Millions jackpot

$587.5 million

from a Powerball jackpot