AP Photo/Arizona Game and Fish Department

A jaguar collared near Tucson last month was recaptured today and sent to the Phoenix zoo for medical treatment, officials said. It was put down late today, officials say.

Wildlife officials said in a news release earlier today that the health of the animal was in jeopardy. Late today officials said the cat had experienced kidney failure.

The cat, known as Macho B, had garnered a lot of media attention since word of its capture and collaring spread across the state and country.

A wildlife veterinarian on Sunday was sent by the state to locate the jaguar to assess its condition. Data immediately after the cat’s capture indicated that the animal was doing well.

It was initially traveling more than three miles a day. However, more recent data showed it cutting back on its movements and a reduced amount of foraging over the past three days.

Officials said it was not immediately known if the capture of the jaguar was a factor in its kidney failure.

Veterinarians on Monday determined the cat was in severe and unrecoverable kidney failure.

State game and fish says the decision was made in consultations between the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Phoenix Zoo.

The cat was brought to the Phoenix Zoo earlier Monday after a game and fish team recaptured it.

Zoo veterinarians conducted lab work and physical exams to evaluate the animal and discovered the source of the cats deteriorating condition.

Deputy Director of the Arizona Game and Fish Department Gary Hovatter says it’s an “unfortunate and disappointing situation.”

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