1871: Six Americans, 48 Mexicans and 92 Papago Indians from Tucson kill 118 Aravapia Apaches — mostly women and children — who had surrendered to the Army at Camp Grant, a military outpost north of Tucson. It becomes known as the Camp Grant Massacre. Twenty-seven Apache children were kidnapped and sold into slavery in Mexico.

1913: The first vodka in sample lots is received in Tucson by a local "collector of curios."

1920: Grand Canyon National Park is officially dedicated.

1987: Young astronomer Marc Aaronson is crushed to death by the rotating dome of the 4-meter Mayall telescope on Kitt Peak. Aaronson was 36 at the time and had just been named principal investigator on the Hubble Space Telescope's study of the speed at which the universe is expanding. An award set up to honor Aaronson is given yearly to astronomers who have done significant work at a young age.

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