Gould's turkeys just before a net gun is used to trap some of them on Monday in the Huachuca Mountains. The captured turkeys are being transplanted to New Mexico.

Photo courtesy of Arizona Game and Fish Department / John Millican

Arizona Game and Fish officials on Monday captured 12 wild Gould's turkeys from the west slope of the Huachuca Mountains as part of an exchange program with New Mexico wildlife officials.

The turkeys are among 60 that will be captured and transported to New Mexico during the next several years in exchange for 41 Pronghorn antelopes the state gave Arizona. The antelopes were released in January in Elgin and the San Raphael Valley to replenish herds there.

Game and Fish officials captured five hens and seven gobblers on Monday. Capture operations were to continue today, the agency said in a news release.

The wildlife agency reintroduced Gould's turkeys to Southeastern Arizona, and that has resulted in more than 1,000 now being in the Sky Island mountain ranges. The population of turkeys in the Huachucas has thrived, making it the source for turkeys for other ranges, the agency said.