Arizona at 100

In this year leading up to Arizona’s centennial, Feb. 14, 2012, we’ll reprint a story or excerpts each day from the Arizona Daily Star or Tucson Citizen archives.

June 26, 1912

From the front page:

Dan Johnson, pioneer, postmaster and merchant at Greaterville, leaves this afternoon for California. Barring accidents, he will arrive at Los Angeles Wednesday morning and land at the beach Wednesday afternoon.

That will be a momentous occasion in his life.

Though he used to be much on the ocean, this will be the first time he has seen it in 45 years. Also, when he passes Yuma during the night, it will be the first time in 45 years that Johnson has been outside the boundaries of Arizona. He entered the then-desolate territory in 1867 and tonight emerges for the first time.

Johnson’s boyhood was spent in Australia and New Zealand. When he approached young manhood, he sailed for the United States. After living for a time in California and various other parts of the country, he came to Arizona.

For many years he engaged in prospecting and in mining in a small way. Later he established a little store at Greaterville and still later was appointed postmaster and came to Tucson, where he has since been living.

Unless he can find some good reason for locating in California, Johnson expects to return as soon as the summer heat passes.

— Tucson Citizen

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