Kenneth Dorushka, a retiree who traded New Jersey weather for the desert climate, moved to Tucson eight years ago with his wife of 41 years.

The 63-year-old was having his morning coffee when he heard about Giffords’ visit and suggested they head over to meet her since they had already planned to make a trip to their neighborhood grocery store.

The couple was halfway through the line to meet Giffords when Dorushka  saw a man pull out a gun, his wife Carol said. Clear-headed as always, Dorushka threw his wife down to the ground. 

Carol attempted to get up and run, but Dorushka held her down, shielding her head with his arm — the same arm that was struck by gunfire.

“That would’ve been my bullet,” Carol recalled.

Dorushka was treated and released from the hospital on Saturday, the day of the shooting.