Operation Chill Out, Project Summer Sun and other programs to help Tucson's homeless survive the scorching heat are gearing up to give away bottled water, sunscreen and other warm-weather relief supplies.

Problem is, they don't have any.

Yoli Hasler, program manager for the Salvation Army's Hospitality House, said what few donated supplies they have received are given away almost immediately. The Hospitality House is open 24/7 as an emergency shelter and, during weather extremes, it distributes toiletries and relief supplies to those in need.

On average, temperatures in Tucson meet or exceed 100 degrees 45 days each year, making it imperative - for those living on the streets, working outside or whose incomes don't allow for the extra expense of cooling their homes - to remain cool, hydrated and protected from the sun.

The list of summer supplies goes beyond the basics of water and sunscreen. Advocates for the homeless said their clients also need socks, foot powder, insect repellent, hats, sunglasses and other warm-weather wear.