U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords will make it back to Congress “stronger and more committed than ever,” her husband, Mark Kelly said Tuesday.

“I can almost guarantee you what her first event will be, and I hate saying this … I’d be shocked if the first thing she does is not ‘Congress on Your Corner’ at that Safeway,” Kelly said.

Kelly spoke Tuesday to  a group of Arizona print and online journalists at University Medical Center, where his wife remains in serious condition from an attempted assassination Jan. 8.

Kelly said he and Giffords had talked at least a dozen times about the danger of public appearances since “a year and a half ago when everything got really heated.”

“She would say, ‘You know, I’m somewhat concerned that at some point somebody is going to shoot me.’ ”

Kelly said he told his wife that she didn’t have to hold public events, but that Giffords told him meeting with the public was an important part of her job.

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