The Jan. 8 shooting left 13 people injured, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was hosting a casual "Congress on Your Corner" event outside a northwest-side grocery store. Here's a quick look at those who were wounded:

Bill BADGER, 74

The retired Army National Guard colonel went to last Saturday's "Congress on Your Corner" event to say hello to Gabrielle Giffords. A bullet grazed the back of Badger's head, but that didn't stop him from helping to take down the gunman. Badger's military career included six years as commander of the Western Army National Guard Aviation Training Site in Marana.


Barber, Giffords' district director, was standing next to his boss when they both were shot. Barber was shot in the face and leg. He underwent two surgeries for his wounds and was released from the hospital on Friday. Barber has worked with Giffords since she first went to Washington and is a former administrator in the Arizona Department of Economic Security's division of developmental disabilities.


Dorushka suggested to his wife of 41 years that they go meet Giffords since they had already planned a trip to the grocery store that morning. They were halfway through the line to meet Giffords when Dorushka saw a man pull out a gun. Dorushka threw his wife to the ground and shielded her head with his arm - the same arm that was struck by gunfire. "That would've been my bullet," his wife, Carol, recalled.


Fuller cut short his regular tennis match last Saturday to see Giffords. The naval air veteran said he appreciates her support of veterans and her views on solar energy. When he heard shots, he looked up to where Giffords had been standing and saw in her place a man shooting. Fuller was struck in the left knee and was hit in the back with bullet fragments. He drove himself to Northwest Hospital and from there was taken to UMC, where he remained through Monday.


Gardner went to the event to thank Giffords for her vote on health care. The retired mental health therapist stood fifth or sixth in line, and struck up a conversation with a stranger - Phyllis Schneck - a Republican who respected Giffords. Soon their conversation was interrupted by a series of pops.

Gardner, realizing it was gunfire, told Schneck they had to get out of there. He turned to take a step and was shot in the foot. Schneck was killed.


Hileman brought her 9-year-old neighbor, Christina-Taylor Green, to Giffords' event because of the girl's interest in politics. Hileman was holding hands with the girl, waiting to shake Giffords' hand, when shots were fired, said Hileman's husband, Bill. Susan Hileman was shot three times.


Even after 50 years of marriage, the retired Marine and retired airline pilot and his wife, Dorothy, still acted like newlyweds. He was shot twice trying to shield his wife from the gunfire, but Dorothy was killed. The Morrises both grew up in Reno, Nev., and were high school sweethearts.

They moved to Oro Valley in the mid-1990s to join friends who had retired here.


Simon, a community outreach aide for Giffords, was shot twice, once in the chest - with the bullet traveling to her hip - and once in the right wrist. She was released from the hospital on Thursday. Simon used to teach at the same middle school and high school that suspected shooter Jared Lee Loughner attended. She never met him, though, saying, "We walked the same halls for four years."


"Mavy" and Dorwan Stoddard were high school sweethearts who reconnected and married 15 years ago after their spouses died. Mavy was shot in the leg three times on Saturday and Dorwan, who covered her when the shooting started, was killed.


Reed went to the Giffords event with her daughter, who worked as a congressional page for the congresswoman over the summer. Reed's husband, Tom McMahon, and 13-year-old son, Owen, were also at the event and were nearby when the shooting started. Reed was shot in the back and in both arms.


Tucker is an environmental health and safety fire inspector for Raytheon Missile Systems.

He was standing near Giffords when he was shot in the collarbone and the leg. He remained at University Medical Center Friday in good condition.


Contacted Friday, Veeder said he wasn't ready to talk about his injuries or the shootings.