The Star's story on wild pigs, published on March 21, sent a flurry of unwelcome hunters into the Redington area last weekend, armed for boar, a rancher said.

The problem, Stefanie Smallhouse said, is that the Carlink Ranch, where she lives, has few or no wild pigs but is smack-dab at Redington, cited in the story as one of five areas in the state where feral pigs roam. About a dozen different hunting parties came looking for wild pigs, and a half-dozen called or wrote e-mails, she said.

Hunting of wild pigs is not regulated in Arizona, except by whatever rules or regulations landowners may enforce.

Smallhouse said the only pigs regularly seen on the ranch are her mother-in-law's regular, domestic swine. She's afraid someone will shoot them, thinking they're wild.

The ranch previously had wild pigs, neighboring ranchers and hunting guides said, because they were released there in the 1980s. Smallhouse said she did not know what happened in the past - she only knows they rarely show up on her ranch anymore.

Area residents said in the story that wild pigs still are seen sometimes in that stretch of the San Pedro River Valley, between about Benson and San Manuel. Previously, the Smallhouses sometimes charged parties to hunt wild pigs on their property, but no more.

"We did in the past, but we haven't done that for probably four years," Smallhouse said. "Anything we come across, we shoot ourselves for our own meat."

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