An effort to recall two Oro Valley council members has been dropped.

Oro Valley Recall — the group behind the effort — sought to force a recall election of Vice Mayor Mary Snider and councilman Joe Hornat.

The group had until Sept. 22 to collect 2,615 valid signatures per council member to force the recall election.

Oro  Valley resident Conny Culver, who was chairwoman of Oro Valley Recall, said the group decided just days before the deadline to abandon the recall effort.

She said today that they hadn’t finished counting the recall petitions but that they did have enough signatures to go forward with a recall.

Culver, who served on the council from 2004-06, submitted paperwork to the town clerk on May 25 to start circulating petitions to recall Snider and Hornat.

The recall effort was in response to the council’s handling of the town’s budget.

On May 4, the council voted 5-2 to double the town’s utility sales tax to 4 percent to generate $1.3 million to help Oro Valley close a budget deficit.

Hornat and Snider were among the five council members who voted for the increase.

Culver and the other supporters believe the recall effort was still a success even though they chose not to turn in the petitions to the town clerk.

“I firmly believe it got their attention and they see people are paying attention,” she said.

Oro Valley Recall also decided not to pursue the recall election because taxpayers would have had to foot the bill.

Any legal challenges to the recall election would also have meant more expenses for taxpayers.

“That was never our goal,” Culver said. “That is not what we wanted. We are not interested in dragging the town of Oro Valley into litigation. That’s a waste of taxpayer money and valuable staff time.”

Snider is ready to put the effort behind her.

She said she is relieved the town doesn’t have to go through a recall election as recall elections are harmful to economic development and to the town itself.

The recall effort resulted in an overwhelming amount of support from residents for the council, Snider said.

“We’ll continue to move our community forward,” Snider said. “We’ll continue to listen to our residents to keep Oro Valley the best place to live in Arizona.”

Oro Valley does have a Town Council election in its future.

Three seats on the council will be up for grabs when the terms of Steve Solomon, Barry Gillaspie and Bill Garner expire in May 2012.

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