Bees attacked a dog — stinging it more than 100 times Thursday — in a downtown neighborhood.

The dog's owners went outdoors to check on their pet after hearing it yelp, but the bees caused them to go back into their house, said Capt. Chris Jurvig, a Tucson Fire Department spokesman.

Firefighers were dispatched to a house in the 700 block of North Seventh Avenue, near West Fourth Street shortly after 5 p.m., Jurvig said.

The dog was rescued by firefighters, and washed clean of all bees.

The dog's owners — one stung twice and the other five times — did not need medical attention, Jurvig said.

Firefighters killed the bees with foam. The dog's owners took their pet to the veterinarian, said Jurvig.

The fire department advises:

• Homeowners need to be aware of bees and attempt to avoid them.

• Do not swat at bees because that can trigger an attack.

• If attacked, cover your face and run to the nearest home, car or shelter that creates a barrier between you and the bees.

• If you find a swarm or hive on your property, contact a professional bee service to have it removed.

• If a person or animal is being attacked, call 911.