Keep your eyes peeled.

Ben's Bells, the rainbow-colored chimes attached to a message about spreading kindness, can now be found anywhere throughout the city on any given day.

Usually the bells are hung twice a year, in March and September, during massive distributions throughout the city. But this month the organization started hanging the keepsakes daily in random places.

"We just have gotten to a point ... where we have the capacity to produce a lot more Ben's Bells because the community has been so committed to it," said Jeannette Maré, founder and executive director of Ben's Bells.

Maré said that last year the group had more than 27,000 visits from volunteers who helped make the bells. In January, the organization also opened a second location downtown that gives the group the ability to fire more clay pieces.

"We felt with the way Tucson has embraced the message of Ben's Bells we thought that if people could find a bell any day of the week that it would sort of keep the message that we're trying to spread more consistently throughout the community," Maré said.

Between 200 and 300 bells will be hung each month.

"I hung two out today," Maré said Friday.

The Ben's Bells project started after Maré's 2-year-old son, Ben, died from croup in 2002. The bells are a way to pass on the kindness Maré and her family received from friends, family and strangers and to encourage others to pass it along.

"We help to create a culture where this is something that we hold with high value," Maré said. "Our mission is about encouraging and educating and celebrating kindness."

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