Two escaped buffalos remain on the lam this morning after making a break for freedom last night.

The pair of 800-pound, year-old “babies” have gone into hiding after their great escape through an open gate at Tanque Verde Stables, said their owner Adam Bradley, who works at the stables.

A third buffalo failed to hoof it out of the communal corral.

Bradley spotted them in the desert Thursday night, but couldn’t coax them back to their corral, he said.

Can’t blame the burley beasts, given that they are destined to become bison burgers.

Bradley went back out this morning to look for them, but couldn’t find the buffalo.

“I think they got spooked by everyone chasing them last night and hid,” Bradley said.

He’s hoping they will get thirsty and wander home for a drink of water.

In the meantime, the escapees are making their home on the range.

If anyone spots the animals in the near East Fort Lowell Road, east of North Soldier Trail, don’t sound the dinner bell. Instead call contact Bradley at 749-1341.