Rocky Point business leaders released a letter Tuesday officially denouncing a U.S. Consulate alert about the Mexican highway to the beach resort town.

The letter states that several municipal, state and federal Mexican government officials have vouched for the safety of the highway. On May 19, the U.S. Consulate in Nogales issued a "warden message" urging people to travel during the day on Mexican Highway 8 because of unconfirmed reports of unofficial checkpoints on the highway.

The business leaders met Monday to discuss the situation and agreed the "highest priority should be in preparing travelers with the truth, regardless the economic effects on the city," the letter says.

"Nevertheless, in this case it seems the U.S. Consulate - perhaps because a false report they received - has violated their own policy not to rely solely on unsubstantiated rumors," the letter says. "In this case, they got their facts very, very wrong, in the process harming an entire community, including about 10,000 American and Canadian Citizens residing or having a legitimate business in this place."

To read the full message and watch a video, go to reporter Brady McCombs' blog, Border Boletín ( blogs/border-boletin).