Seven states are set to propose immigration enforcement law similar to Arizona's SB 1070, according to a new report. Here's a summary of the report from the">National Immigration Forum:

"Federal inaction on immigration reform has triggered a national crisis and dramatically increased the likelihood of state-based immigration laws similar to Arizona’s approach. According to a new report prepared by the National Immigration Forum, at least seven states are likely to attempt an Arizona-style law to address the broken immigration system as a direct result of the federal inaction. States may attempt these laws despite overwhelming evidence that laws like SB 1070 are prohibitively expensive, endanger public safety, exacerbate state budget woes, and trigger protracted and costly legal fights."

Here's the link to the report:"> "Deficits, lawsuits, diminished public safety: Your state cannot afford SB 1070"

And here's a story about the report from the USA Today:"> States could follow Arizona on immigration