Visitors to Mexico face restrictions on items crossing border

2013-05-23T00:00:00Z 2013-05-23T17:25:29Z Visitors to Mexico face restrictions on items crossing borderArizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star

If you're visiting Mexico over the holiday weekend, remember there are restrictions on the types of food you can take into the country. Unless it comes in a can or is fresh from the ocean it's probably banned from crossing.

The list of prohibited items guarantees that almost everything you slap on the grill will have to be purchased in Mexico. Beef, sausages, chicken and vegetables cannot be brought into the country.

Thinking about taking some flowers or your famous chicken soup to a sick relative? Be ready to leave them at the customs station, as all flowers, plants and homemade dishes are prohibited.

And on the way back, remember all U.S. and Canadian citizens must show proof of citizenship such as passports.

Customs and Border Protection expects higher traffic between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

For hourly updates on wait times and number of lanes open, visit


• Beef (fresh, refrigerated or frozen)

• Chicken (fresh, refrigerated or frozen)

• Eggs

• Dry cereals and grains such as beans, rice and corn

• Fresh fruits and vegetables


• Dried fruit and legumes

• Cooked vegetables

• Dried herbs and spices

• Smoked poultry meat and dried beef

• Packaged and labeled dairy products such as butter, yogurt and cream.

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