The Arizona Daily Star’s Sportsmen’s Fund Send a Kid to Camp program raises money so children from low-income households and military families can attend overnight YMCA, Boy Scout and Girl Scout camps and Camp Courage burn camp for little or no fees.

We’ve received 1,087 donations totaling $110,884 toward our goal of $190,000 to send 770 kids to weeklong overnight camps this summer. We’re $79,000 shy of our goal with camp just beginning.

Donations are welcome throughout the year. We are grateful for your donations and continuing our thank-yous today.

Your contribution is tax-deductible, qualifying for the state’s working-poor charitable tax credit of up to $400.

The Sportsmen’s Fund, one of the oldest 501c (3) charities in Southern Arizona, was founded in 1947.

Since then, thanks to Arizona Daily Star readers, we have helped to pay for 36,548 children to go to camp.

Recent donations include:

Mary Baenziger, $100.

Margarita Bernal, $200.

Linda Bescript, $25.

Mary Black, $100.

Holt and Ilse Bodinson, $200.

Judith Bowen, $25.

Franklin Brown, $100.

Thomas Campbell, $20.

Mr. and Mrs. G.M. Carscadden, $100.

Terry Chandler, in memory of Helen Chandler, $100.

Courtney Creviston, $400.

Donald Crowell, $250.

Thomas Curtin, $100.

Lorriane Drachman and John Wesley Miller, $100.

Karen Drake, $50.

Kenneth and Donna Drilling, $100.

Susan Enholm, in memory of Chris Mankowitz, $400.

Deane Erickson, $100.

Jane and Gene Evans, $100.

Helen Fenner, $200.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman H. Fischer, $50.

Katherine Flanagan, $25.

Frank Frana, $100.

Audrey Gange, $100.

Joanne Garver, in memory of Socorro Valdez, $50.

George and Elizabeth Glover, $100.

Col. and Mrs. John Goetz, $100.

Ellen Goldberg, $25.

Joanne Grant, $50.

Keith and Pat Hamilton, $50.

Sue Hill, in memory of her family, $50.

Peter and Sharon Irish, $100.

Jim Jenkin, $25.

Sidmon and Barbara Kaplan, $200.

Timothy Kelly, in memory of Joseph Patrick Kelly, $200.

Al and Janice Kivel, $200.

Steve C. Kleinsmith, $25.

Dr. Kathryn Kohler, $150.

Susan Mann, $100.

Jacqueline Manning, $100.

Frances Martin, $15.

John Marus, $25.

Patricia McElroy, $100.

Peggy Meersman, $10.

Barbara Miller, $50.

Robert Mitchell, $100.

Helen Nazzaro, in memory of Barbara, $40.

A.W. Newman, $150.

Mary Nickerson and James Kautz, $500.

Albert Phillips, $75.

Katherine Prewitt $100.

John and A-Lan Reynolds $400.

Vicente and Kathleen Rivera, in memory of Marine Rosalio Valencia, a Vietnam vet from Pueblo High School, $100.

Carole Roberson, $50.

Deborah Roberts, $20.

Tom Roof, in memory of Chick and Bruce Hawkins, $100.

Joyce Schroeder, $100.

Ismat Shafiqullah, in memory of Dr. M. Shafiqullah, $100.

Virginia Sosnick, $20.

Carolyn Stewart, $30.

Sue Stibbe, $50.

Dorothy Treat, $200.

Ren Carter-Tucker and Lee Tucker, in memory of Dave Carter, $220.

Richard Van Ausdale, in memory of Renaldo “Ray” Ochoa, $50.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacobus C. van Peppen, in memory of brother Aard Deboer, $100.

Voiture 73 40 & 8, $300.

Kathryn Waneka, $25.

John Wassenberg, $100.

Teresa Westoff, $50.

Alan Winner, $30.

Gilbert and Yolanda Alvarez, $100.

Armenta/Dorsey, $200.

Howard Ault, $100.

David Berg, in memory of Fred Enke, $100.

Joann Berry, $25.

Mitch Blum, $50.

Maria and Michael Bubla, $400.

Bonnie and David Burnett, $200.

Bob Camp, $50.

John and Grace Campbell, $100.

Diana Carpenter, $100.

Coppola family, $25.

Judith Corse, $25.

Audrey Coughenour, $30.

Helyn Davis, $100.

Stuart and Ann Dobbie, $100.

Mr. and Mrs. John Durkan, $25.

Dianne Van Tasell and Steven Eggiman, $100.

Jon and April Fenton, $500.

Hildreth Garb, $50.

Ellen Glenn, $100.

Annette Goldstein, in memory of Sol, $25.

Robt and Marie Graninger, $100.

Jo Ellen Hartline, in memory of Jim Hartline, $50.

Bob Baker and Michaela Hartung, $100.

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hasbrook, $400.

Patricia Heinhuis, $10.

Gerald Holladay, $25.

Jacque Humphreys, $81.

Dorothy Intorf, $500.

Donald and Eleanor Jeck, $200.

John Johnson, $100.

Chuck and Joan Josephson, in memory of their son Ken, who loved camp, $50.

Helen King, $100.

Carolyn Kobe, $50.

Lois Kulakowski, $100.

Mary Jane Larreau, $10.

Jeannine Leary, $25.

Vincent and Carol LeVigne, $300.

Robert and Linda Lohse, in memory of Ashby and Florence Lohse, $250.

Barbara Malmuth, $10.

Catherine Martin, $25.

Ann Marvin, $10.

Jim McGrath, $100.

Susan Meere, $50.

John and Judith Murphy, $100.

William Olms, $25.

Thomas Poore, $100.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Read, $25.

Lee Robb, $20.

Walt Roberson, $250.

Richard Roberts, in memory of Ron Harris, $25.

Cameron Robinson, $25.

Edde Rolstad, $50.

Charles and Patricia Rondelli, $50.

D. and M. Schroth, $100.

Barry and Sharon Scouten, in memory of Bert Scouten, $50.

Lucille Smith, $25.

Janet Somerson, $400.

Dale and Audrey Stein, $100.

Robert Stofft, in memory of Dick Schrupp, $50.

Rosemary Stoltenberg, $50.

Donna and Larry Tagg, $100.

Iole Taylor, $100.

Mary Beth Taylor, $100.

Barbara Zarlengo and Guy Theriault $200.

Fred and Mary Tschirley, $100.

Joan Vandertie, $100.

N. Verdugo, $20.

Marianne Vivirito, $40.

Tom and Marilyn Warburton, in honor of nurse Elsie Warburton, $100.

Melody Weber, $20.

William Wertz, $50.

Eleven anonymous donations totaling $1,375, including one for $200 in memory of Lorraine Rodriguez.

More donations will be acknowledged in the coming week.