• An item in health briefs, "Kids' holiday party, health fair Saturday," on Page A6 Monday listed an incorrect time for the event. The free, public event is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

• The story "Avg. temp for month 5 degrees above usual" on A1 Tuesday gave the wrong rainfall for November 2012 and average Tucson rainfall in November. The rainfall for November 2012 is 0.03" and the average rainfall for November is 0.57".

• The photo caption on A15, Sunday under News from Home should have read: Kyle Nguyen slices a 1,328-foot-long maple bar at Brigham Young University. Students there hope Guinness World Records will determine the pastry warrants a "world's longest" title. On the same page, ACLU was misspelled in the headline "ACLU sues over panhandling ban."

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