Here's what you can do about a bumper crop of junky couches growing in your neighborhood:


Couches and other illegally dumped junk are an irritating problem for many Tucson neighborhoods.

When people dump them in the Prince-Tucson neighborhood, they can sit around more than a month, said neighborhood association secretary Sue DeArmond.

Besides attracting vermin, it makes it look like no one cares about the neighborhood, she said.

"What appalls me is the attitude of a person who takes no responsibility to clean up their own messes," she added.

A city crew used to come out and pick up couches, but its funding was cut from the budget in 2011, so now property owners are responsible for junk couches - even if they didn't put them there, said City Code Enforcement administrator Teresa Williams.

More than 200 people have reported illegal dumping to the City Code Enforcement hotline so far this year. About half of them specifically mentioned a couch, mattress, toilet or appliance.


• Call Code Enforcement at 791-5843 if you want to report a couch on someone else's property.

• Call Environmental Services at 791-3171 or email if you want to deal with it yourself. "If you're the lucky recipient of a pile of junk behind your property, we'll help you understand the options," said Matthew Miller, customer service manager.


• Send an investigator, which can take two weeks.

• Issue a warning to a property owner to remove the couch within 10 days or risk paying a $75 reinspection fee if an investigator comes back and finds the couch is still there.


• Get rid of the couch during the Brushy and Bulky trash pickup program. Type in your address at to find out when the program is coming to your area.

• Get your neighborhood association or homeowners association signed up for a big rolloff bin to be dropped off for free from Environmental Services. You fill it; they haul it away. Find a request form online. Neighborhood associations should go to neighborhood-clean-ups. HOAs should go to

• Haul it yourself to the Los Reales Landfill, 5300 E. Los Reales Road, for $15.

• Order a special trash pickup from Environmental Services for $55, charged to your next bill.

get an app

The My-Waste phone app reminds you when the Brush and Bulky program is coming to your area.

You can also snap a picture of a problem area, and the app will send a message to Environmental Services customer service.

Get the app at mobi/AZ-Tucson

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