A man placed on death row last month for shooting and killing a 9-year-old girl and her father was sentenced to another 78 years in prison Friday for trying to murder the girl's mother and for committing a variety of other crimes.

Deputy Pima County Attorney Rick Unklesbay recommended aggravated, consecutive sentences for Jason Bush and told Pima County Superior Court Judge John Leonardo he will be submitting a restitution request on behalf of Gina Gonzalez at a later time.

When given the opportunity to speak, Bush replied, "Restitution? Get real! I'm going to death row." He said he had nothing else to say.

Bush, 36, was convicted in March and sentenced to die for shooting Raul Junior Flores, 29, and Brisenia Flores.

On Friday, he appeared in Leonardo's courtroom to be sentenced for the other counts on which he was convicted - the attempted first-degree murder of Gonzalez and five burglary, aggravated-assault and armed-robbery counts. Leonardo imposed the maximum sentence of 15 or 21 years on each of those counts and ran all but two of them consecutively to one another and to the death sentences.

Brisenia and her father died May 30, 2009, after Flores let a couple pretending to be U.S. Border Patrol agents into his home in Arivaca. Gonzalez testified she and Flores, her husband of 13 years, were shot after he expressed doubts about their identity.

The gunman assured Brisenia he wasn't going to shoot her, but then he shot her in the face twice while she pleaded for her life, Gonzalez testified.

Gonzalez told jurors she pretended to be dead, but then got into a firefight with the gunman when she was discovered on the phone with 911 moments later.

Gonzalez picked Bush out of a photo lineup. His blood was also found at the crime scene because one of Gonzalez's bullets grazed his calf.

Jurors were told Washington state resident Shawna Forde, 43, needed money for her border-protection group, Minutemen American Defense, and recruited some men to rob drug smugglers near the border. All the invaders got was a handful of inexpensive jewelry that was later found in Forde's possession, prosecutors said.

Forde was sentenced to death plus an extra 65 years.

Jury selection for a third defendant, Albert Gaxiola, of Arivaca, is scheduled to begin June 1.

He, too, is facing the death penalty.

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