Jared Lee Loughner's last year at Pima Community College was marked by classroom outbursts, erratic behavior and a bizarre YouTube video that led to his suspension, according to college police reports.

The Pima Community College reports released Wednesday reveal a growing level of alarm over Loughner's classroom outbursts.

Campus police officers and school officials had to meet with Loughner five times in a seven- month period before his suspension, according to the college.

Loughner was a PCC student until October, when he quit college after being suspended for behavioral problems reported by faculty and staff members. College Chancellor Roy Flores said during a college Governing Board meeting Tuesday that the faculty and staff acted "professionally and expeditiously" in their encounters with the accused killer.

The disruptions began in January 2010, when Loughner reportedly made a bizarre comment in a poetry class. A female student read a poem that was connected to abortion, and he responded by saying, "We should have dynamite attached to babies."

Loughner later explained to a school official that the poem made him think of death, which made him think of suicide bombers, which made him think of babies as suicide bombers, the report stated.

The official told Loughner that he needed to give context to his statements, especially when dealing with emotional issues.

Other incidents include:

• On April 6, 2010, officers went to the Northwest campus library over a noise complaint.

They talked to Loughner, who had been in the library listening to music on his earphones and using a computer. He told officers he enjoyed singing lyrics from the songs out loud. The officer told him that wasn't appropriate in a library, and Loughner said he would stop.

• On May 17, 2010, an instructor told college officers that when she informed Loughner of his grade in a Pilates class, he became "very hostile" toward her.

The instructor told an officer that Loughner threw his work down and said the grade was unacceptable. The report said Loughner later met with the instructor's supervisor, who also felt intimidated by Loughner. The officer said in the report that he made no contact with Loughner.

• On June 3, 2010, an officer was called out to the Northwest campus on reports of a student disturbing a math class. An official told the officer she was concerned about Loughner's actions in a math class. The officer documented the concerns in a report, but no action was taken. The report said further investigation is needed to determine if Loughner should remain in the math class.

• The last straw for campus officials was a YouTube video that he reportedly posted in September under the account name "2PLOY." The video was titled "Pima Community College School-Genocide/Scam-Free Education-Broken United States Constitution."

"In the video, he claims the College is illegal according to the U.S. Constitution, and makes other claims," according to a college release. Loughner referred to PCC as his "genocide school" and referenced a teacher who gave him a B for freedom of speech.

The report said Loughner became incomprehensible when questioned by an officer, and his face became jittery and contorted.

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