On Sept. 23, Jared Lee Loughner uploaded to YouTube a video of him narrating an uneasy walk around Pima Community College's northwest campus. When the college's police chief viewed the video on Sept. 29, the college started proceedings to suspend Loughner immediately.

On Friday the Los Angees Times obtained a copy of the video, which had been removed from YouTube. 

Here's a transcript of Loughner's narration:

"OK, here’s what we’re doing. We’re examining the torture of students.

We’re looking at students who have been tortured. Their low income pay in two wars.

The war that we are in right now is currently illegal under the constitution. What makes it illegal is the currency. The date is also wrong. It’s impossible for it to be that date.

It’s mind control.

How’s it going? (he says this to a passerby)

Thanks for the B. I’m pissed off.

(Passerby says, “What’s that?”)

I lost my freedom of speech to that guy, and this is what happens.

I’m in a terrible place. It’s the school that I go to. This is my genocide school, where I’m going to be homeless because of this school.

I even forgot the teacher that gave me the B for freedom of speech. That’s what my sociology class was.

Here’s the microwave I’ll be using when I’m homeless. This is the cafeteria where they make illegal transactions.

This is Pima community college, one of the biggest scams in America. The students are so illiterate that it affects their daily lives.

Here’s the best part, the bookstore. The bookstore, the bookstore, the bookstore. It is so illegal to sell this book under the constitution. We are also censored by our freedom of speech.

They’re controlling the grammar. They control the grammar.

This is the police station. Thisis where the whole shaboozy goes down with illegal activity.

If the student is unable to locate the external universe, then the student is unable to locate the internal universe.

Where is all my subjects? I could say something sound right now, but I don’t feel like it.

All the teachers that you have are being paid illegally and an illegal authority over the constiution of the 

United States under the first amendment.

This is genocide in America.

Thank you.

This is Jared, from Pima College.