Border Patrol agents seized almost three tons of marijuana in four incidents during a 48-hour period.

In two separate but similar incidents — one on Monday and one one on Tuesday — border patrol agents from the Ajo station were searching the desert for signs of illegal activity and came across an abandoned pickup truck. Each truck contained more than 1,700 pounds of marijuana, said agency spokeswoman Colleen Agle.

The size of the loads is a departure from the smaller loads smugglers had been bringing across, she said. She would not speculate whether the two incidents were related.

Also on Tuesday, agents at the Casa Grande station used infrared cameras to spot a group of about 30 people crossing the border. Agents went to the area and the group fled back to Mexico, but left 26 bundles of marijuana. The bundles weighed more than 1,200 pounds.

Finally, agents patrolling Wednesday came across an abandoned SUV. Inside, they found about 920 pounds of marijuana.

The seizures totaled more than 5,520 pounds, or about 2.76 tons.