A state agency revoked the peace officer certification of a former Pima County Sheriff’s Department deputy who pursued a relationship with the victim of a crime he investigated.

The Arizona Peace Office Standards and Training Board made the decision at its December meeting.

Patrick Larson worked as a deputy for about 16 months and was still on probation when he was fired in June, according to a board report.

Larson, 27, investigated the assault of an 18-year-old high school senior.

A few days later, he used his department-issued cellphone to ask her to call him on his personal phone, according to the AZPOST report. They exchanged calls and texts for several months.

Larson was accused of lying to a defense attorney about asking the assault victim on a date. He asked her several times, but the young woman’s mother wouldn’t allow her to date Larson, according to the report.

“Deputy Larson admitted to investigators that he intentionally lied to the defense attorney because he knew that it was inappropriate for him to ask the victim out on a date,” according to the AZPOST report.

In other action, the board also revoked the peace officer certification of Darrell Ramon, a former lieutenant in the Tohono O’odham Police Department.

Ramon was accused of failing to report the crash of his unmarked police truck. A tow-truck driver said Ramon was extremely intoxicated, but Ramon denied he was drunk, according to board records.

He resigned in December after working in the Police Department for 11 years.

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