A woman who was killed near the top of Redington Pass was strangled while having sex with two men, according to court documents.

Melissa Sparks, 28, was found last Wednesday under a pile of wood and was wearing a red dress, according twocuments. The two men arrested told sheriff’s detectives that they had choked Sparks while they had sex with her until she was “essentially dead,” documents state.

Ligature marks and bruising were found around Sparks’ neck, the records state.

Richard Radvansky, 31, and Jesse Ray Simonsen, 27, were arrested last week, and each faces manslaughter charges. Both were booked into the Pima County jail.

On Aug. 14, Radvansky flagged down a car and “told the driver that his friend committed suicide and asked him to call the police,” Deputy Jesus Bañuelos, a spokesman for the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, said.

Deputies questioned Radvansky, and they found out that Simonsen was also involved in the incident.

Simonsen was with Radvansky’s vehicle — a green Chevrolet Suburban — a few miles down from the site where the body was found.

Deputies noticed that Simonsen had blood on his hands and scratches on his arms, according to documents.

Simonsen told investigators that Radvansky, his friend, knew Sparks. He said the three of them had been partying and “doing methamphetamine, smoking marijuana and consuming alcohol,” state court records.

At one point, the three began to have sex in the Suburban, Simonsen told investigators. He said he and Radvansky took turns choking Sparks with a “dog choker-type collar,” records state.

Simonsen said Sparks became unresponsive, and he and Radvansky “noticed that she was essentially dead,” documents state.

Simonsen told investigators that he and Radvansky took Sparks out of the vehicle, but Simonsen said he passed out and does not know how the body ended up in the camping area under a pile of wood.

However, he said that at one point Simonsen and he argued and that they both drove away from the victim.

When they returned, Radvansky said he went in search of Sparks, and found her “hanging from a barbed wire fence with a dog choke collar around her neck,” state documents.

Radvansky said he pulled her down from the fence and covered her with boards.

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