A Tucson woman could be placed on probation or receive up to seven years in prison after admitting she left the scene after causing a crash that resulted in serious injury. She also admitted to tampering with evidence and causing criminal damage.

On May 20, 2011, Samuel Abate, then 23, was struck by a vehicle as he was riding his bicycle north on North Swan Road between East Camp Lowell Drive and the Rillito River. He suffered severe head and brain injuries and numerous broken bones.

Abigail Allin, then 21, was arrested six days later.

At the time of her arrest, it was reported Allin was driving without car insurance and had her damaged windshield fixed between the time of the crash and the arrest.

The Pima County Attorney's Office had extended a plea offer to Allin at one point but later withdrew it.

Now-retired Pima County Superior Court Judge Clark Munger ordered prosecutors to extend the plea agreement again because he believed they withdrew it only because "the press got involved in the case."

The Arizona Court of Appeals held that the state had the right to withdraw the plea.

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