Two women from Mexico were arrested Wednesday in separate incidents for trying to smuggle a combined $61,340 of unreported U.S. currency into Mexico, an official said.

The women tried to enter Mexico through the Dennis DeConcini Port of Entry at Nogales, Ariz., when officers stopped them during outbound inspections, said Joe Agosttini, a Customs and Border Protection spokesman.

Agosttini gave the following account:

• A 26-year-old from the state of Sinaloa was inspected before she was allowed to leave the country through a pedestrian lane. An officer found $20,000 in cash under her clothing, $13,400 in her shoes, $5,600 in a pair of pants the woman was carrying, and $10,979 in her purse. The total amount seized was $49,979.

• A Nogales, Sonora, woman, 43, had $11,361 hidden in her purse. She told officers the money came from drug sales, and that she was to be paid for delivering it in Mexico.

The cash was seized, and the women face charges of bulk cash smuggling.