Isabel Celis

An interview with the parents of Isabel Mercedes Celis aired on the Today Show this morning.

Sergio and Becky Celis appeared solemn and held hands throughout the interview.

It is the first time the couple has taken questions from the media since Isabel was reported missing April 21.

"I know she'll come home," Becky said.

She described the 6-year-old as a "girly-girl" who liked to paint her nails and play with makeup.

"She is very caring … loving little girl … loves to come and give mom and dad hugs all the time," Becky said. "Beautiful baby girl."

Isabel's father, Sergio, said no demands have been made by whoever has her.

Asked if he had anything to do with Isabel's disappearance, Sergio closed his eyes for a moment before responding.

"I wish I knew where to begin," he said. "We are so frustrated."

Sergio went on to say he doesn't understand why Isabel was targeted. He also said he feels police are wasting time focusing on the family.

"She's still out there," he said.

In the Today show segment Tucson police Chief Roberto Villaseñor said the parents have taken polygraph tests and continue to cooperate with investigators. 

Police have still not identified a person of interest in the case and nobody has been ruled out as a suspect as the search for Isabel enters its 13th day. 

"We look at everyone to include the family it's not that we're saying the family is responsible, but we're not saying the family is completely clear." Villaseñor said. Everyone is a suspect until we find out otherwise."